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Beets for your Heart

Today inflammation has become a buzz word in our society because of our stressed out lives. Research concludes that inflammation is at the heart of most chronic conditions like heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes and autoimmune disorders. However, there is another, lesser-known process called methylation that is linked to the body’s ability to regulate the inflammation process. Methylation is a complex biochemical process that involves many of our body’s functions including: detoxification, antioxidant recycling, immune regulation, and our stress response.

Proper methylation is important for everyone. There are numerous ways to support the methylation process including lifestyle changes and supplementation with key nutrients. One of the safest and most effective ways to do this is with foods dense with methylation-related nutrients. Beets are an excellent example. They are high in trimethylglycine which is an anti-inflammatory substance that functions as an anti-oxidant, energy booster and methyl donor. Beets are also heart protective and high in fiber, which helps keep the colon clean.