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Functional Testing and Why it's Useful

Common lab measures like the CBC are useful markers for general health; however, the result ranges are based off of a national average. What we have found is that we are seeing functional problems within much narrower ranges. Therefore, typical labs do not represent the complete picture. In functional testing we look at these ranges more closely. We also order specialty tests that allow us to pinpoint certain hormonal imbalances and food sensitivities that may be aggravating your system.

Testing for neurotransmitter function, adrenal/cortisol levels, full thyroid panels and 132 different foods for potential sensitivities, will help us navigate imbalances and inflammatory conditions that may be uniquely affecting your health. These tests complement the acupuncture and herbs and also add a level of complexity that we can address more specifically.

There are a wide range of supplements and herbs to help correct imbalances we may find. We offer therapeutic grade supplements and herbs. These are designed to be short term (3-6 months), non-habit forming and offer no side effects. These attributes make our medicine much more ‘user friendly’ for the body. We can address actual causative factors and clear them gradually, steadily, consistently. Consistency helps to clear inflammation, heal GI tissue, rebuild nerves, bone tissue, and neurotransmitter receptors. Proper nutrition also plays a major role in this process.

A few of the symptoms that may trigger us to suggest specialty testing are: hypothyroid/hashimotos, exhaustion, insomnia, GI distress, constipation and chronic pain somewhere in the body that doesn’t go away. If this is you, please call us today!