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Beating The Flu

Cold and flu season is upon us. Remember the secret to avoiding colds and flu is maintaining a strong healthy immune system. Many people can start to take care of themselves with healthy foods, supplements, stress management, and good quality sleep. Over the counter immune support supplements like vitamin c, zinc, green juices (for their high o2 content), fresh ginger teas and throat soothers like elderberry, calendula and echinacea anguvstifolia create a great first line defense support. However, on the first signs of getting sick - fever, a sore throat, foggy thinking, coughing, body aches, and low energy- it is a good time to come see us for stronger herbs and supplements. We can determine if it is bacterial or viral and treat accordingly. Our herbs are organic and have high quality control measures in place. We have personal experience with them as we also take them :). So please know that we've got your back!