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Heartburn drugs shown Hazardous

Several new studies have shown strong links between these popular heartburn drugs and dangerous diseases. Prilosec (Omeprezole), Nexium and Prevacid, also known as PPI’s (proton pump inhibitors), are the drugs studied. We want you to have this information so you can make an informed decision if you are impacted by this research.

Most recently 2 studies showed a 50% increased risk of chronic kidney disease among users of PPI’s. This is not small statistical anomaly. Previously a high incidence acute inflammation of the kidney was discovered which could develop into chronic disease. It has been theorized that the cause is the tendency of PPI’s to decrease Magnesium levels.

Dr. Pradeep Arora, Nephrologist and one of the chief researchers, has stated that “PPIs shouldnot be used to treat simple heartburn or indigestion”. We agree, given the healthier alternatives available that don’t require using a dangerous drug for the rest of your life. Ask us,

Previous research reported in Circulation, journal for the American Heart Association, indicates that PPIs constrict blood vessels. As was stated, this can lead to high blood pressure and a weakened heart with an increased risk of heart attack.

These drugs have been considered safe and are even available without a prescription. With so many people taking these drugs We felt it necessary to remind you that we can help. Together we can eliminate the cause not just treat the symptom. You have alternatives.