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Building a Strong Immune System: Health Benefits of Resistant Starch

As we all now know our micro biome plays a key role in the health of our body and even our minds. The immune system response in particular is dramatically effected by how balanced our gut flora is. Research on the health benefits of resistant starch have concluded that it:

*Feeds friendly gut bacteria which will reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, IBS,

 allergies, and autoimmune conditions

*Improves insulin sensitivity

*Improves the overall integrity, absorption and function of the gastrointestinal tract

*Lowers blood glucose response to food and increases satiety

*May preferentially bind to and expel the ‘not so healthy’ gut bacteria

*Enhances magnesium absorption

As a result:

*It improves body composition and lowers body fat

*Improves thyroid function

*Improves sleep by feeding the serotonin producing gut bacteria

*Increases mental calm

A few examples of resistant starches include: cashews, black beans, red beans, oats, rice and potatoes, and Bob’s red mill potato starch

Please note: not every digestive tract is the same. It is important to work with a qualified professional around amounts and potential food reactions :).